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One of the most requested coffee drinks of the moment, with its excellent combination of cocoa and coffee!

According to Wikipedia, the first Marocchino was made in Torino, as an evolution of the “Bicerin de Cavour”. The name “Marocchino”, like for the Cappuccino, seems to derive from its colour: in fact, the marocchino was a type of leather used to make hair bands in the 30’s, and it had a light colour, like the one of the Marocchino drink.
Not everyone is at one on how to prepare this type of coffee drink, and there are many different versions in various bars, and each version seems to be the original one standing to what the bar keeper says.
At the Chiaroscuro, the reference bar of our chain, we prepare the Marocchino by covering the glass cup with cocoa powder. Then we fill up the cup with creamy and well whipped milk foam together with the espresso.
Is this the original version? I don’t know, but everyone loves it!

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