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Change the resistance into the boiler of the espresso machine are simple and essential.

An espresso machine is fairly simple with not many fundamental components. Inside the machine there is a boiler, where water is heated and kept warm by a resistance.

The real enemy of this simple machine is limestone. It is precisely an enemy, in particular to the strength, where limestone tends to settle and calcify and not allow multiple resistance to perceive (via thermostat), water temperature and heat if the temperature is too low.

Also having a water softener in support to the machine and keep it in order to regenerate and replacing periodically resins, it is possible that after a few years the limestone has accumulated on the resistance and you begin to notice anomalies in temperature of the coffee and manometer indicating the pressure in the boiler (which should be around 1.2) in this case proceed to replace the resistance.

It is not particularly difficult, and on this page you can find a lot of info in coffee machines maintenance very well described.


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