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Latte art competitions are often the dream of people who begin to make cappuccino with the heart, but in these competitions it is not measured only the beauty of a cappuccino, but also the technique, harmony of the work and the quality of the mixture.

The dream of many people who come to our latte art courses is to begin a journey that takes them to participate in competitions for latte art, decorated cappuccinos taking place at various levels, from regional Championships & World Championships held this year in London.

But like the competitors, these competitions develop themselves?

Many guys/girls expect to be awarded only for the beauty of the decorations, designs that you make on the Cappuccino’s, but that is not the only case, it is very very important also to have the technical part and of knowledge of how latte art is done.

The race begins by setting the machine and the coffee grinder settings. The machine is largely the same for all competitors, but each competitor, using his own blend of coffee will have to change the grinding up to make the coffee flow in approximately 25 seconds, so changing a grinder for each individual blend is an important factor in good coffee making.

Also the choice of the blend of coffee cannot be random. Each competitor shall explain which blend they use and why; but don’t say simply that is a blend of 100% Arabica or 80/20, that doesn’t explain anything about the bean blend, you must add your knowledge about what kinds of Arabica and Robusta beans make up the blend and what sensations come from the palate!

The formula for judging on the coffee machine is in the same for all Championships, it is the preparation of espressos, spotted/stained, two milks, and finally two cappuccinos, decorated with the use of milk-only (no topping and chocolate syrups to write!). Even time is significant, the maximum is 8 minutes for all.

Every technical detail is evaluated during the competition. Cleaning the machine, cleaning the filter holder is important as it would have old Coffee in it (always brush away or remove with your hand cloth). It must have clean edges once pressing/tamping has been done (which must be perfect, well leveled and strong).

It evaluates the elegance and efficiency of the movements and finally evaluating sharpness and accuracy of the drawing. Everything will then be served to the judges adequately.

The judges will assess how well they did the coffee, the beauty of the decoration and also the taste of preparation which has to be perfect with temperature and pleasantness of the mix

(This means that even the milk quality is very important also)

The competitions take place usually with qualifiers, semi-finals and for the final best 6.

This video gives you a clear idea of how the race is held and one.


The Espresso Coffee Emporium – Mokaflor Coffee Australia

Marcello A. Iozzi



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