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How do you make frappuccino, but more importantly, what is the frappuccino?
From all the Italian coffee drinks that exist, the only drink that doesn’t have anything Italian, apart from the name, is the frappuccino, which was invented and patented by Starbucks and then copied in the whole world.
The real (?) frappuccino is therefore a fortune of Starbucks, a coffee shop chain which was born at the beginning of the ‘80s in Seattle, United States, and it nowadays counts more than 12.000 shops around the world.
With an American approach towards the espresso world, Starbucks was looking for a cold drink which could be combined with cappuccino and espresso. The result is this ready-drink made of ice, powder milk, thickening and flavouring agents.
The first frappuccinos had more or less the taste of cappuccino, but that was only the beginning, since now there are flavours that go from hazelnut to green tea, from almond to mango, and I have read somewhere that there are more than 11.000 types of frappuccino.
What happens in Italy? The frappuccino has been copied, but often only the name, not knowing how it is prepared and what it is made of.
There’s a bar in Florence which suggests the frappuccino as an espresso with whipped cream, hazelnut and cinnamon.
Therefore, no Italian frappuccino? Not for now, but have you thought about suggesting the new Mokaflor Ice Cappuccino in your bar? This is a new “iced”, creamy and flavoured idea that can be ordered in the American “to go” cups… But I’ll tell you more about the Ice Cappuccino- Frappuccino, in the next post since it’s not nice to mix the Italian with the American art…

A classic Frappuccino

A classic Frappuccino


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