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The conservation of the coffee both in Bean or Ground is something very important, but is sometimes ignored in many coffee shops.
If is true that coffee tends to lose its flavour very quickly, it is also true that most (if not all) coffee roasting companies products are packaged in an airtight bags or tins. Stored coffee still sealed in its packaging is not a big problem, just keep it stored in a cool dry room at a normal temperature and perhaps without too much light.

The problem of properly stored coffee is especially so when you open the pack and do not seal it properly again. When the coffee comes into contact with the open air the coffee tends to lose its flavour very quickly. If this phenomenon occurs very fast when the coffee is still in beans, it becomes 50 times faster when the coffee is ground.
Trying to keep the coffee out of its pack for the shortest time possible is the first key job. As the first rule we can try to use coffee bags tailored for our business. If we serve only a few dozen espresso’s per day (such as in hotel’s, restaurant’s or pub’s) it would be appropriate not to have packs from 3kg that will remain open for weeks.

Once the Coffee package is opened it is important to put only a small amount of Beans in the Bean Hopper of the grinder, just enough beans that you will use during the day. In regards to the coffee that remains in the open pack, I am one of those strange fellows who puts the coffee in the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is efficient and with a low level of moisture, the coffee left in there will be just fine! As long as the coffee is sealed tightly so no moisture does get in. More importantly, the coffee in the Bean Hopper must be closed!

If the coffee in the Bean hopper is a small amount, the ground coffee in the dispenser should be even less. All grinders can and should be adjusted to grind the coffee when it drops below a certain level. Adjust it to the lower level.
Turn off the grinder in the evening, remove the ground coffee that remains in the dispenser and put it in an airtight sealed jar or container and then put the jar/container in the refrigerator, this way you will avoid serving your very first customer of the morning with a coffee that just smell’s old tasteless, thus keeping all your customers very happy and coming back time and time again!

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