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Pressing down of the ground coffee properly is very important. Attention to levelling and to press vigorously, even with the right tools makes all the difference.

Between the posts in this blog we have already had the opportunity to talk about how important proper coffee pressing is to get a good espresso. The goal of this operation and to allow the boiling water to extract all substances from the dust of espresso coffee, yielding a rich and full bodied espresso with a perfect crema on top.

Water, that is the key to this operation, tends to go by its nature, to the point where it finds a less resistance or an easy way out.

In the drawing you will find here, we see some bad errors of tamping/pressing the coffee.

In the first case, if the tamping/pressing of coffee is not level, “even” not like the American coffee, the water will tend to fall slipping on the inclination of the coffee, finishing just to extract substances only in a corner of the “cake” of coffee.

In the second case the tamping/pressing is too soft, the water will tend to dig a hole in the Coffee by extracting substances only at that point.

Then Tamping/pressing in the third case is correct, nice level and well pressed, (you must press firm!!!) .

It is not to say that we should not use the plastic diskette stuck to grinder (nooooo) by all means use it, but surely a nice presser must be used. We can use even some support for a perfect tamping  without risking slides or angled coffee tamps.




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