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From the Philippines comes Kopi Luwak Coffee from a type of Squirrel/Rodent, now another bizarre coffee but somehow familiar comes along. Corn coffee.

In recent years, the Philippines, Indonesia, became very famous in the world of coffee to the Kopi Luwak, the famous coffee made with grains eaten and is fermented in the Luwaks intestine, an Asian rodent.

But the vein of discovery by this Asian nation doesn’t end here, given that one of the latest news in the world of coffee comes from there. A novelty really bizarre, yet for us Italians should not be so strange. This is the coffee, corn coffee, or maize. To produce it the beans are roasted, which with the roasting, aroma and flavor of “roasted” ending up to looking like, coffee.

As I said, for us Italians this should not be so strange, given that since the 1930s, another cereal, barley was created and sold using the same motivations that Filipinos promote with their corn coffee: the fact that it is caffeine-free and that it is healthy …is a bonus, but, ah, well, you may be also aware that Indonesia also produces the strongest coffee in the world ….so a healthy corn coffee is an added bonus.



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