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Mokaflor creates a new 80% Arabica blend for the famous Tyrol Ruetz bakery chain

The Italian espresso coffee is now famous in the whole world, it influences (and is influenced by) every country and culture with its perfume. Therefore, let’s give space to new inventions, recipes, formats and concepts about espresso and cappuccino.
New concepts, like the one of the famous Ruetz bakery chain (more than 50 stores and 110 years of history).
The Ruetz concept makes two elements meet which seem to be far apart in Italy but are actually closely linked together in the central European culture: bread and coffee.
In the Ruetz “Bäckerei“ it is possible to order a cappuccino together with a sesame sandwich (or a so called „Marillenkrapfen“) and, in the mean time, to buy a typical Bretzel for the evening.
You can also take an afternoon break with the “Verlängerte“ (the german-way coffee) together with a piece of Strudel or a Bretzel with flavored butter.

The Italian preparation blend, for espresso and cappuccino, is a 70% arabica and 30% robusta mix. For this blend we have mainly worked with central American and Ethiopian coffees, strictly grown in the shadow, between spice trees, to create a really intense and multifaceted perfume bouquet.

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