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Every company has its own specialized figures, including ours. I liked the idea of going to interview leaders of various sectors, experts in the different fields. Today we have bothered Mr Renzo Bernini. In Mokalfor he handles purchases of raw materials, coffee, and so every day he pays attention to stock exchange, quotations and the new realities of the world of coffee.

Q. Mr Bernini, how was the coffee market this year?
A. As the stock exchanges and markets for all commodities also the coffee market this year has been highly volatile. In the first months the prices are risen, which is not justified except with speculative manoeuvres. During the last period, however, in line with the financial crisis that has affected the planet, even the price of coffee has fallen to the lowest from many years. Coming to the real production it has confirmed many trends. The growth in quantity of production in Brazil, the robusta coffee market that increasingly speaks Vietnamese, African productions in suffering for the difficult social conditions and policies of the African continent.

Q. So these fluctuations in the market are not paid organoleptic changes in the profiles of the coffee itself
A. No. speaking about climate this has been a standard year and on the average has been the profiles of many coffee widely consumed. We have also to say that small reality. Like Australians coffee, that we are considering these days, does not yet seem able to find the place in large dynamics of consumption.

Q. By the way, are you working on some new product?
A. Yes, we are working on a new 100% Arabica blend (code name Bernini!) Its composition includes prestigious coffee as the Santo Domingo Barahona and the famous Ethiopian Limo. This is of course a product for a first class consumption.

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