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October 26, 2009 by Gabriele
New coffee machines, new ideas, communication and area manager at the largest trade fair in the world.
Also this year, with Mokaflor, I took part at the ANUGA, the largest food and beverages business event in the world.
Our goal at these type of events is to meet up with our agents of that specific place, the area manager and the head of area. Not less important is for us to meet new business opportunities together with developing our sales network both in Italy and abroad by getting acquainted with new agents and area developers.
Happenings like these are also great chances to see which are the latest trends on the market. In this case I have to say that I was very impressed by the development of coffee machines.
We have worked, in our stand, with a “Mirage” which had cutting edge technology, such as the “blind automatic filter” (wonderful) and the steam for the cappuccino that opens by stepping onto a pump (therefore the hands are free…).
For our company this has been an excellent trade fair. There are two things that, I believe, have made it possible to have a better and larger number of contacts than other companies which where there as well.
First of all, it was thanks to the good communication about which we have talked in this blog. No more of these pictures of beautiful women hanging onto brand coffee-cups; we wanted to start talking about our attention toward our coffees. For example, explaining that they are grown in the shadows of spice trees, in order to have a slower ripening and to absorb the spiced aromas of the plants that surround them.
Another component, maybe less cultural but very cool, has been the protagonist: our Ape 50 which was Ferrari red and created by our Nino Davidoff who has been our point of reference and main bar man. Watch him in the photos below!


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