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Of the Italian path to coffee: espresso and cappuccino, everyone should know by now; there is no corner in any city of the world that doesn’t promise us a true espresso, even accompanying the promise with the brand of a some well known Italian company in the field.
Nevertheless, as in a great and famous house it is enough to visit the family of the closest espresso to know it better and to realise how our knowledge is superficial and limited to common places.
For example there is a almost forgot new aspect, indeed ancient of the Italian coffee: the espresso prepared in a glass cup.

In Italian bars, one often hears the order “un caffe al vetro” (a coffee in a glass).  In order to prepare it the bartender simply prepares an espresso not in the classic cup of white china, but in a three finger cone-shaped glass.

Little is needed to enter the Italian mood and understand that the coffee in a glass is a little dandy, that those who order it are often the cool types or the  “fighi” as is said in Italy, those who in the past maintained a detached elegance.
I must say that this elegance is found entirely in the taste and the gesture. There is nothing better in fact than a glass to enjoy the colour and the texture of the light brown coloured cream. Then by the sense of touch one can enjoy the articulated feelings: the heat and a little scorching of the fingers holding the glass with all the fingers when numbed; to delicately hold it, elegantly with the tips of the fingers on the edges when we want only to be well; of the rest, if Italy teaches us something it is to be well with elegance.

Some lovers also suggest that the coffee in glass is more hygienic, the glass, they say is less porous than the china and would tend to absorb less of the previous coffee residues; Can this be true? This indeed we cannot say.

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