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There are many ideas on how to increase the income of a bar. These can be creative, curious, bizarre, hopeful and sometimes they need a lot of testing.
If I can give a personal opinion about this matter, after having had a work experience for twenty years in bars, the best idea that one can bring to their own bar is to make (and not only give) an excellent quality to those things that, through a good know-how, make us better than our competitors.
Therefore, to increase the income, we need excellent quality and also good communication, because (as in the world of politics, not always in a good way), the best of qualities is not as good if it is not communicated properly.
Even us from Mokaflor, we’ve have taken this matter seriously and, tell us if you like the following idea…
We would like it if our clients could be able to see what the coffee blend in their espresso is exactly made of. We thought it would be great for the client to read which sensation and bouquet we want to create with each blend: the chocolate aroma of the Mexican coffees, the spiciness of the Ethiopian Sidamo, the vanilla of the coffees coming from volcanos in Guatemala…
In order to do this, we will add a small paper contour to the coffee (or cappuccino) cup which will include all the information. In our opinion, even the most absent-minded client will remember the bar in which they found such a particular, innovative and creative service.
Watch the video and let me know what you think about it!

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