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The fastest and easiest, but certainly not the best way to prepare a cappuccino!

August 10, 2009 by gabriele
A few years ago, it was very common, when looking at a coffee machine in a bar, to see a little plastic pipe that went from the machine to the open milk can. This was called the Cappuccinatore, (automatic cappuccino machine).
The function of this machinery is quite obvious. It is used to whip the milk for the cappuccino in less time possible (while we also prepare the coffee) and it can be used by everyone as it is not complicated to handle at all.
The Cappuccinatore takes the milk through the pipe, and it is then warmed up and mixed with hot air, which whips it. In the end it is then poured into the cup where, at the same time, the coffee is made.
The actual idea of this machine wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the low-quality result, as it often happens in man made machineries. The foam is too stiff and full of air. Certainly not like the soft cream that only the hands of an expert bar-keeper can prepare.
The problem is that, technology almost always finds a way forward and the Cappuccinatore system can nowadays be found more and more on espresso machines in homes…let’s not do the same in bars, please!!

the white pipe of the cappuccino maker

the white pipe of the cappuccino maker

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