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Next dates for our school on espresso and cappuccino perfect! You can find the new dates here

As always are full immersion courses for a day, from 10 to 17 with no more than 5 members.

The program of the latte art course includes a brief theoretical part in which he talks about the right milk, the right mix of coffee cappuccino (exist, a cappuccino made with coffee bad feels!) of milk to the milk just art. Then follows a long part practice that mounting of milk you care the versaggio to get the basic figures: the heart and the leaf, and learn the basic rules that will allow us to do the other figures like the Dragon and the butterfly. All with the help of video and the “dry” technique.

For those who were interested in the world of Café quality course the program is as follows:

  • History and geography of coffee
  • Botany and plant knowledge
  • Systems for collecting and processing.
  • Picking and stripping. Natural and washed method
  • Roasting and Blending. How do I create a mixture
  • Knowledge and maintenance of machines
  • The preparation of the espresso, grinding and pressing coffee
  • Introduction to wine tasting coffee; taste of some coffee in single source for its organoleptic differences. The sweetness of the central body of the Indonesians.
  • Cappuccino in theory and in practice. The frame of the Italian latteLe classic preparations: latte macchiato, Café latte, espresso macchiato etc.The latte art.
  • Video, “dry” technique and a lot of practice for the realization of the leaf, the heart and the Dragon.

For any interest in course please contact Gabriele at gabriele@mokaflor.it

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