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For coffee adicted chap like us nothing is better than find our cappuccino in the form of a coffee cake (cappuccino in this case). This is a classic cream pie, but the heart keeps a delicious stuffing to cappuccino. Speaking about difficultis can be considered as medium-easy.

1 sponge cake (you can buy it premade or make it yourself)

1 cup of boiling coffee
1 cup of condensed milk
5 grams of gelatine
custard, for topping (you can do it yourself)

cacao powder, for topping

cover a starsol with foil and place the sponge cake inside
dissolve the gelatine in the boiling coffee
mix the coffee with the condensed milk
pour the mixture over the sponge cake
place in the refrigerator for three/four hours
top it with cream and cocoa powder.

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