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Let’s clear up some points about a developing but still confused market; the role of fair trade and biological certificated coffee.

One of the most developing areas in the coffee world is the biological coffee. This area mixes itself a lot with the fair trade coffee.

But what do these two terms, biological and fair trade, mean?

Biological coffee is cultivated without any chemical substances and with a lot of respect for the environment. The defense from damaging insects is done through the use of other insects, the use of substances with mineral, vegetal, animal and strong plants’ origins; the earth fertility is maintained and empowered with natural fertilizers and correct agronomic practices. The defense of the weeds is done without the use of any pesticides using instead, mechanical and agronomic techniques.

Fair trade coffee, instead, is a coffee which is cultivated in the respect of the people. The owners of small plantations, especially the ones who take part to cooperations get paid a certain amount of money, which never goes underneath a certain margin to always guarantee these people a specific profit.

Furthermore, contracts are signed for a period longer than a couple of years, and there is an encouragement to do socially useful projects.

The world of fair trade and bio coffee has not escaped from the concept of the services market. These services have been developed in the world of certificates.

In fact, there are symbols which promise to guarantee (and to communicate to the consumer through the brand) that the coffee and the techniques used to produce are really bio and fair trade.

The most known brands are rainforest, fair trade, QC&I and more. My personal opinion is that there should be done some clarifying, for example, who keeps the examiner under control?

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