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The new application of famous mobile phones that teaches the recipes of Italian coffee is Only in English and cut for American tastes, but really cool.

Two statements that I’m not afraid to deny.

The first is that Americans can have (many have) a great passion for “Italian”  coffee and with this passion often they become more talented than us Italians (believe me, unfortunate but true, but not always I might add …).

The second is that applications for the popular mobile Iphone, now there are many, really is for everyone.

We take these two assertions, and the new application for the Phone call “Home barista” an application that offers recipes of all preparation bar with a basis of coffee, but also much more.

In the latest version, for example (some are recent updates) are videos that show how to make coffee and caffe’ latte, macchiato, but also instructional videos on latte art and the Cappuccino’s with the leaf and the heart; nothing that we have not already seen on You tube, anyway, still very cool.

In addition to this there is also useful curiosity as a stopwatch from starting when you start to do an espresso; to understand if the grinding is right.

Using it must be said that the program appears to be cut for a household use, and that many bartenders (barista’s) “real barista’s” will find it quite stupid (or, as the Americans would say “For Dummies”) there is, however, to say that in the America there are a fare few world enthusiasts that while doing other work they feast at home in the art of being a barista, sometimes even to the point of buying green coffee beans for home roasting according to their taste.

The program for this, only in English, and looking at the list of preparations which were found, the recipes you’ll find not many are known in Italy, as the Flat white (An Australian Invention) (actually in italy is known as a latte macchiato) or mocha coffee (a milky coffee with chocolate)

The application is for sale as always on I-tunes.


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