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Our 80/20 blend in the Alfredo bar in Cologne, won the delicatessen award for best Nordrhein-Westfalen bar.

It was during Mokaflor’s temporary german transfer to the ANUGA food & beverage fair, that we’ve received very good news from the land of the Rhein river.
The Alfredo bar in Cologne, a bar that serves Mokaflor coffee, has won the title for best bar of Nordrhein-Westfalen, one of the richest and most vivid german regions.

Reading the prize motivations, Mr. Carturan was recognized for a high quality and a great treatment of the clients.
We recognize him for the attention he gives to every detail, even with coffee. An 80 arabica and 20 robusta Mokaflor blend are used for the espresso and cappuccino at Alfredo, with a higher percentage of citrus fruit aroma and spiciness of the Ethiopian coffees (Sidamo and Limu) which are grown in the shade.
And to meet Mr. Carturan and his staff, watch the video of the award!

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